Single Malt

sites/default/files/malt_0.jpgPercent Alcohol: 40  Proof: 80


Civilized Single Malt Whiskey is a salute to the Celtic tradition of fine single malt scotch. We hope our ancestors are proud!


Mike Hall collaborates with other distillation professionals to select the malting barley and create Civilized Single Malt Whiskey. The barley is spread, soaked with water and germination takes place. Then the  barley is moved to a kiln where the smoke from the fire stops the germination and flavors the barley to Civilized exacting specifications. This barley is ground in the Grist Mill before being soaked in the Mashhouse where the solids are removed and shipped to local farmers. The remaining wort is cooled and then distilled before being filled into barrels for storage. Each barrel is numbered and stored in a warehouse of maturation. Civilized Single Malt spends a minimum of three years in the wood before it’s ready!