Our philosophy is simple: make the best spirits possible with the best ingredients available and the smallest impact on the environment. We’re not looking to be slick by catering to the snooty elite. So, if you hold a drink with your pinky sticking up, do so at your own risk.


We’re proud of what we do and what we make. But, we only do what’s necessary, nothing more. That’s why you won’t see us aging our spirits for decades. Why do we need to when we know how to make spirits smoother, quicker? For the most part, aging is needed to blunt the initial harshness of a spirit after it comes out of the still. But when you never create those compounds that cause the issue, you already have the answer before the question is asked. In addition, we also ferment at much lower temperatures, which means the process takes a little longer, but it also helps to mellow the distillate. When you can take a swallow of 190-proof, uncut liquor straight from the still and follow it with a smile instead of a wince and cough, we know our way is right as rain.


When it comes down to it, no big words are needed to describe our process or tux required to enjoy the fruits of it. Nah, a rewarding thirst, willing palette and empty glass (or jug) are all you’ll need to partake in the straightforward pleasure of Civilized Rum, Civilized Vodka, Civilized Whisky, Civilized Single Malt, Civilized Sakura, Civilized Gin or Civilized White Dog Whiskey.